Pastor Gary H. Cote


We are living in exciting times as the 21st century unfolds. Though there is much turmoil in all the world with unrest and unsurety affecting many, we can certainly see the truthfulness of God's Word coming to fulfillment.


As a young boy growing up in the Merrimack Valley region, Dr. Cote often wondered about God and asked a variety of questions about the Bible. Later in life, God answered his inquiries as God's Holy Word came alive in his heart.


Shortly thereafter, Dr. Cote and his wife Cara were packing the family and moving to East Providence, R.I. so that he could attend Zion Bible Institute. Upon graduation, Dr. Cote anticipated a move back to New Hampshire, but God had other plans. Late at night, the Holy Spirit spoke to his heart, and once again the family was on the move. This time to the midwest where he attended seminary at the Assemblies of God Theological Seminary to complete a Masters of Arts in Theological Studies.


While completing his studies, Dr. Cote received a call from Zion Bible Institute inviting him back to teach the Bible, Theology, Philosophy, and Finances For Ministers; he also worked closely with the Dean as his assistant. After several years of teaching, the Holy Spirit brought the Cote Family through a variety of church ministries allowing them to experience firsthand the needs of the church, and better understand the problems people face each day. Along this journey, Dr. Cote earned his Doctorate of Ministry from Regent University.


Today, Dr. Cote is the pastor of Merrimack Valley Church and the founder and president of Kingdom Quest International, Inc. He has also authored several books and workbooks. The Holy Spirit has also opened opportunities for ministry in Africa and Pakistan, where Dr. Cote's teachings are being used to disciple the church. Dr. Cote's quest is to disciple people to rightly know the words, ways, and works of the Holy Spirit.

Today, there are many still searching for the love of God. The Bible tells us that we will find Him if we search for Him with all our heart. Even in turbulent times, God is touching lives. Merrimack Valley Church exists to help people in their search. Our desire is to see people grow in their relationship with God and with one another. Truly, the times bear witness that the Lord's return draws close; let us be a people that are looking for Him.


Blessings to you!


Dr. Gary H. Cote, Pastor

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