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what we believe

The Bible is . . .

  - God's revelation of His Divine Nature, including His purpose, plan, and very personhood.
  - Accurate and fully reliable.
  - The divinely authoritative guide for right thinking and right action.

God is . . .

  - Eternal, always existing outside of time and space.
  - Creator of heaven and earth, all things seen and unseen.
  - A single Being consisting of three, interrelated persons equal in power, authority and knowledge.

  - God is known as the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit , which the Church defines as "The Trinity," three-in-one.

Jesus is . . .

  - The Eternal Son of God who was conceived by the Holy Spirit and born of a virgin Mary.
  - The One who lived a perfect life without sin, yet became sin so that we might become the righteousness of God.
  - The One who ultimately redeemed mankind from sin, by dying on the cross as a substitute for the sins of man. 
  - The One who was raised from the dead and is now seated at the right hand of the Heavenly Father.

  - The One who will one day come again as promised to judge the living and the dead.

The Holy Spirit is . . .

  - the Spirit of Christ, the Spirit of Holiness, and the Spirit of Truth, who sets people free from sin and self.

  - the Presence of God to convict of sin and make disciples, separating God's people from the world by Truth. 
  - the Power of God's holy presence to empower believers to live in Christ and for Christ.

Mankind is . . .

  - In a Fallen State before God, eternally separated from God due to the willful choice to transgress God's word.

  - Fallen from perfection, innocence, and rightness, who is perpetually walking in disobedience toward God.

  - trying to prove themselves righteous by their own merit, always self-promoting, self-proving, and self-pleasing. 
  - must repent to be reconciled to God through Christ, thus turning from unbelief and sin unto God.

The Church is . . .

  - the Body of Christ that consists of worshiping God in spirit and truth, called-out from the world to live in Christ.

  - the Believers being perfected in Christ by the Spirit of Christ--the Holy Spirit.

  - the Bride of Christ waiting for the return of Christ, therefore, called to be faithful, awaiting her husband's return.

  - the Building of God, who has made the Church His Temple.

  - the People through whom God uses to reveal Christ and make disciples by His Holy Spirit.


The Future is . . .

  - the blessed hope for those who are ready for the imminent return of Christ, who has promised eternal life.
  - the Kingdom of God in Christ and without end, free of all sin, iniquity, evil, and death.

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